Happy 2nd anniversary!

1) Suche Fehler in diesem Text und korrigiere sie.
2) Hast du einen besonderen Menschen im Leben? Schreibe ein paar Sätze auf Englisch zu eurer Beziehung.
3) Poste Aufgabe 2 und 3 in die Kommentare.

Dear my soulmate,

today is a particular day. Two years ago one short moment changed my life forever. One moment I hadn’t expected: I met you.

Since this moment we are walking together through life. We hat good times, we had bad times, but actually the very most experiences I remember in a positive way.

I just want to show you some important moments in our relationship:

The „One Moment“

Picture isn't available

It was just a normal night on the town. I was standing on the bar and was intended to order a beer. Suddenly I heared a voice by my side: „Hey guys! I am given. But this is Betti, she’s single!“ This statement came from your sister. After she said it, she left.
It was like a scene from How I Met Your Mother: „Have you met Betti?“

Some minutes later, after standing beside of you, you said to me (in your typical, romantic kind): „The way you are standing here drives me crazy. Sit down next to me!“

This was the beginning. It was on Friday, 13th of Nobember 2015.
(Sure, you haven’t misread. We met on Friday the 13th. Some people are scared of this day. For us it’s our fortunate day.)

Our holiday in Berlin

Picture isn't available

We sauntered though city, got scared in the „Berlin Bunker“, had fun in the dungeon and watched awesome creatures in the zoo and in Sealife. I love the way we plan our holidays: No plan’s needed, everything’s spontaneous.

Our spontaneous trip to Frankfurt

It was the most crazy journey of us. We hopped in the car and drived away. We slept in the car because we had no hotel.

Picture isn't available

Our engagement

On 13th of May 2017 I asked you the most important question, exactly one and a half year after we met. You said yes.

(To our readers: Our engagement was pretty freaky in Supernatural-style. You can find a short explanation in our post on Instagram.)

Picture isn't available

Picture isn't available

Our holiday in Phuket/Thailand

A picture says more than thousand words:

Picture isn't available

Picture isn't available

Picture isn't available

Picture isn't available

Picture isn't available

Picture isn't available

Picture isn't available

This were some some awesome moments and we will have much more in our future life.

I love you my soulmate!

Your Simon

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